Andrew Johnson, CPA
How to Create a 7 Figure SALT Practice in the 
Next 30 Days, Without Hiring (or Becoming) a SALT Expert Yourself
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January 11, 2018 @ 3pm Central
Here's a Preview of What You'll Learn When you Attend
  •  What the best methodology is for performing nexus reviews
  •  The 3 most important areas where you should focus all of your sales tax efforts
  •  Can you actually get enough expertise to perform nexus reviews? (Spoiler alert - Yes you can!)
  •  How the wrong sales tax rate can lead to the Biggest Tragedy in Sales Tax
  • How to get our proprietary tool for identifying the state tax risks your company may be facing
  •  Where the sales tax auditors always find the easiest and lowest hanging fruit
  •  Why you should follow our PROVEN approach to avoid these risks
  •  How undetected Nexus can destroy a business
About the Presenter
Andy Johnson
  •  Andy is a CPA and a member of the AICPA. 
  •  He is the co-founder of Peisner Johnson and Co. State and Local Tax consulting firm, headquartered in Dallas, Texas.
  •  Andy has been in the State and Local Tax Industry for over 30 years and has consulted with hundreds of clients in every state and with just about every industry you can imagine.
  •  Andy has published many articles on state and local tax and is the author of the AICPA Multi-state Income Taxation online course. 
  •  Andy is a frequent speaker and writer on state tax topics.
In this training you'll discover...
How to find the 3 biggest state tax risks
  How to protect your company from the same risks
How to eliminate surprise tax liabilities and find hidden credits
 How to create a plan for state tax compliance
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